Principal's Welcome

Heatherset gcse 2020 13 min






I am delighted to be the Principal of Hethersett Academy, an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ school that’s  judged to be at the top level in all areas. 

Our GCSE results are consistently among the highest in Norfolk and this year we saw our best ever results, with 77% grades 9-5 and 90% of grades 9-4 across English and Maths in 2022! One third of all grades were 9-7. Plus, this year we saw 10 pupils secure straight 9s across all subjects too. 

I am exceptionally proud that our pupils achieved a Progress 8 score of ONE. Progress 8 scores are an indication of how well students improve while in secondary education and puts our pupils in the top position across Norfolk for the amount of progress students make whilst at school and in the TOP 50 nationally!  

My vision is that every student feels as though they belong while at Hethersett Academy. Pastoral care is of the highest priority to all of us within the school and across the Inspiration Trust; after all, happy children are more likely to grow up to be happy, successful and well-rounded adults. Our culture enables us to get to know our students as individuals,  enabling us to be supportive, encouraging them to thrive.

As a school we pride ourselves on taking a transformative approach to teaching, developing innovative lessons and extending learning beyond the classroom to maximise grades and ensure our students gain a greater understanding of the world around them. Our curriculum and enhanced enrichment is selected carefully and well sequenced so pupils can learn and remember more content that will help them succeed in all walks of life.  Our motto is excellence for all and we aim to achieve that in all we do for our students: academically, socially and emotionally. To support this, we explicitly teach and reward our core values of being kind, working hard, taking pride and embracing opportunities throughout our school day because these are essential attributes for a successful and happy adulthood. 

It is wonderful to lead a school where the students are hard-working, polite and well-behaved; we know they want to do well, and alongside their enthusiastic parents, we are able to support them in achieving this. 

Overall Hethersett Academy is fast becoming one of East Anglia’s greatest schools and a source of enormous pride for our community. Sponsored by the Inspiration Trust, a national authority on revitalising education, we have access to a nationally-acclaimed curriculum and a wide range of educational expertise that make a vital impact on our students’ progress and experience of education. 

Jane Diver, Principal