Music Scholarships

We are delighted to offer 23 Music Scholarship places to Year 7 students joining us each September. 

Applications for September 2023 entry are now open; please complete the online application form. Find out more about the application process below.

What are music scholarships?

Music scholarships are a way for you to secure your place in our school, and receive many extra benefits, by demonstrating that you have some musical skill and lots of musical potential.

Music scholarships include a Music Aptitude Priority Place to attend our school, which effectively secures your place if you might otherwise live too far away. Please see our admissions criteria for details.

Why do we offer music scholarships?

We value music education and want to encourage musical young people. We know that musical opportunities are not always easy to find, so we create them for you. We know that the whole school community benefits when musical people choose our school. 

What do you offer to music scholars?

Music scholars receive all the benefits of being a pupil at our school, plus the following extra benefits:

  • 2x free instrumental/vocal lessons per week (if you don’t already play the piano, one of these will probably be a piano lesson)

  • Your music exam fees will be paid

  • Time with a piano accompanist will be provided, where appropriate

  • Termly masterclasses with the Inspiration Trust’s Director of Music

  • A nominated scholarship mentor in your school

  • Regular performance opportunities

  • Regular opportunities to attend high-quality performances

What must I do in return for these benefits?

You must promise to engage fully in the musical life of the school; be a reliable member of school bands, choirs and ensembles; perform regularly in school, at trust-wide events, and external events organised by the school; work hard at improving your musical skills by following the instructions of your teachers; and to practise between lessons. 

How do I apply?

Applications for September 2023 entry are now open; please complete the online application form

The deadline for applications is Monday 3rd October 2022 at 9am.

Auditions will take place on Monday 10th and Thursday 13th October 2022. Times will be sent out by email following the application deadline.

Deadlines and audition dates for September 2024 applications will be published in Summer 2023.


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