School Vision/Ethos

Our vision is that every student achieves their best – this, of course, includes their academic results, but we also highly prize developing each student as a capable and valuable member of the community. We aim to achieve this by ensuring everyone associated with the school commits to achieving outstanding progress, and enjoys and engages in their learning while being prepared to take on challenge without the fear of failure. Through this ethos we encourage each student to be a responsible and active member of both the school community and their local neighbourhood.

Students can create their own curriculum to suit their particular strengths as they move through the school towards their formal GCSE examinations. Our academic curriculum is supported by a huge range of extra activities such as the trips and visits undertaken within subject areas, participation in music and art events, and a wide selection of sporting opportunities across a huge range of sports activities.

Our extended school day brings about additional enrichment provision, focusing on science, technology and maths, creative arts and literacy. All students have an opportunity to study something new or to build on subjects they already enjoy. In addition, they are able to choose from a variety of extracurricular sports and hobbies run by external coaches and members of the community as well as volunteers from within the academy.