Our House System

The development of a strong culture is a vital part of our schools. We believe that pupils need to be provided with opportunities to develop as young people, to gain a sense of community, and to experience and share success with others. One way in which we provide such opportunities is through our House System. 

Here at Hethersett Academy, we are extremely proud of the House System we have created and the attached values. It embodies all that we stand for and is the vehicle in which our culture is lived through each day. It encourages pupil development through access to a wide range of experiences and motivates students to work together to share ideas, allowing them to learn from each other. 

Each of our Houses has a House Leader and every pupil and staff member is expected to be part of a House. 

Each school within the Inspiration Trust has a House System and as part of the wider trust, we are delighted to be able to offer our students the opportunity to participate in numerous exciting inter-trust events and competitions, all of which promote and inspire teamwork, while creating a unique sense of belonging to something bigger than one's self. 

We now operate a year-group-based pastoral structure, with each year group led by a Head of Year, Assistant Year Lead, and an Assistant Principal acting as SLT link. Every student is also allocated to one of four Houses which students represent through participation in termly competitions and fundraising events. Our Houses are named after famous personalities who have made a significant positive contribution to society, culture, and community, and were chosen through a whole-school vote in Summer 2021:

  • Attenborough (Green) - named after Sir David Attenborough, broadcaster and natural historian and environmental spokesperson.
  • Obama (Blue) - named after both Barack and Michelle Obama, former President and First Lady of the USA respectively, each being the first African-American in these roles.
  • Parks (Red) - named after Rosa Parks, activist in the American civil rights movement best known for her role in the Montgomery bus boycott.
  • Queen Elizabeth II (Yellow) - named after the longest-lived and longest-serving British monarch, the longest-serving female head of state in world history, and the longest-serving head of state.