Hethersett Academy uses 3D printers to create personal protective equipment for NHS staff

April 7th 2020

Teachers at Hethersett Academy are using the school’s 3D printers to create vital personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline NHS staff, community workers and volunteer services. The school’s students are also creating boilable fabric bags for NHS staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Our design and technology teams are using the school’s 3D printers to create visors, which have clear plastic face shields. These are being sent to people tackling coronavirus on the frontline.

Kate Finlay, our Head of Technology, said: “When we saw that NHS staff needed PPE, we knew that we could use our technology to help our nurses, doctors and key workers in the wider community. Schools across the country are trying to use their technology to help - and we’re proud to be a part of that.

“Our teachers and technicians have pulled together to help where we can – it’s the least we can do.”

Textiles students from years 9 and 10 have also been helping to protect NHS staff. They have been making fabric bags for staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. The clothing and the bag itself can then be boiled, sterilised and reused.

Mrs Finlay said: “This is a small, but incredibly important product as nurses, carers and doctors will come to work in their clothes, get changed into scrubs at work, and then get changed before they leave. By having a fabric bag to put their scrubs in, they can leave their uniform in the bag and instantly boil or wash them when they get home.”

We're incredibly proud of the work our teams are doing!