Hethersett Academy's principal is promoted

March 2nd 2020

Mr Stevens has been the principal at Hethersett for 7 years. During this time he has received record GCSE results, an outstanding rating from Ofsted and has been overseeing the school’s expansion.

He said: “I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved at Hethersett Academy – and look forward to building on this with the Inspiration Trust’s other schools. I’m thankful for the dedication of our team who ensure young people reach their potential – and of course our hardworking students and supportive families. The community really is fantastic.

“Which is why, I’m pleased to say, I will still be a familiar face. My new role will be based at Hethersett Academy - the school is very close to my heart after all.

“Ms Diver has played an integral part in the school’s improvements and I’m looking forward to seeing it go from strength to strength under her leadership. I’m sure our families will join me in congratulating Ms Diver on this well-deserved promotion.”

Ms Diver said: “I’m looking forward to taking over from Mr Stevens to lead our talented teaching team. I’m excited to continue working with families and students to achieve impressive results and deliver a high quality education for everyone that enters our classrooms.”

Mr Stevens will remain as principal at the school until the end of the academic year.

If you have any questions about these changes, please email enquiries@hethersettacademy.org.uk.