Hethersett Academy student scores football scholarship at Peterborough Football Club

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April 13th 2021

We're incredibly proud to share that Gabriel Overton, a Year 11 student, has won a scholarship with the Peterborough Football Club U18 team.

Gabriel joined Hethersett Academy in Year 9 and he impressed coaches at
Peterborough after signing for the U16 team. He has now been offered a two-year scholarship at the club.

Gabriel, who is Head Boy at Hethersett Academy is an accomplished tennis player and cross country athlete in addition to his footballing talents. Before his success at Peterborough he had had trials at Norwich FC.

As part of this scholarship Gabriel will move into the club accommodation in Peterborough. The scholarship will entail him combining full-time training with academic work.

Gabriel Overton said:

“If I hadn’t joined Hethersett Academy in Year 9, I wouldn’t have started playing and none of this of would have happened. The school has always been incredibly supportive of my football, and has done whatever they could to support me.

“The first time I met Mr Austin he put me straight in the team when I hadn’t even played much football before – I had mostly played tennis. Ever since I’ve had continued support from Mr Austin and the rest of the school. They’ve let me go for matches, training, and other meetings, because they knew I’d catch up on any work missed and would never let it affect my school work.

“It was a real feeling of relief and happiness when I was offered the scholarship. It’s been a lot of work to get to this point, and my parents have done so much to help, so it was fantastic for all of us. I really enjoy it at Peterborough and I’m really excited for what comes next.”

Nick Austin, Head of Physical Education at Hethersett Academy, said:

“Gabe is an exceptional sportsman and an exceptional young man. He has every attribute going for him both academically and sporting. He’s as modest as they come, but he is filled with confidence in his own ability. He joined the school in Year 9 and straight away he was in his year group team, and soon after playing for the year group above him.

“Most boys will say ‘I want to be a footballer’ at some point, but Gabe is the only person who has told me ‘I am going to be a footballer’. There was never any question in his head that it would happen, and he absolutely has the ability to back it up.”